Total Gut Therapy Pack (Standard)

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Total Gut Therapy Pack (Standard)

Support that 'good gut' feeling!

The health products included in our tailored and super-charged Total Gut Therapy Pack (Standard) have been specifically chosen for their powerful digestion support actions.

Feeling uncomfortable and bloated?
Do you have to loosen your waistband as the day goes on from swelling?
Worried about how uncomfortable that next meal will make you feel?
Following a low-yeast / low-sugar diet?

... then this Pack is for you! Or, for a super-charged program, check out our Total Gut Therapy Pack (Recommended).

With our step-by-step guide (see below), it couldn't be easier. Purchase this combination pack now, save 10% compared to buying these products individually and ensure best results in the shortest time!

More about the products that make up this Total Gut Therapy Pack (Standard):

    1x pot Ultra 8H-Flora Mix -4billion strength: A high-strength 8 strain probiotic supplement with 4 billion organisms per capsule, for full-spectrum support of the bowels and a healthy balance of friendly bacteria and yeast in the gut.

    1x pot ENZYMEmix Supreme: High-strength vegetable-derived digestive enzymes, with gut-soothing herbs and natural digestives to support efficient digestion.

    1x pot KANDIDAgone: An all-in-one yeast balance, digestion, detox and colon health support supplement. This caprylic acid formula helps to maintain the correct balance of bacteria and yeasts and encourages the growth of friendly bacteria (probiotics). Ideally combined with an anti-Candida diet. This is a traditional herbal combination used to promote overnight digestive transit and intestinal cleansing.

Optional add-on:

To boost the pack, why not add in L-Glutamine Amino Acid -Support metabolize body fat,new muscle growth and help increased growth hormones powder - an amino acid, which is an important ingredient in digestive system health maintenance and gut wall integrity?

Easy step-by-step guide to using this Total Gut Therapy Pack (Recommended):

Step 1:
Ultra 8H-Flora Mix -4billion strength: Take 1 capsule, 1 - 2 times per day with food.

Step 2:
ENZYMEmix Supreme: Take 1 or 2 capsules, 3 times per day with food (with each main meal).

Step 3:
KANDIDAgone: Take 1 capsule, 2 times per day with food.
Note: Ideally, the Total Gut Therapy Pack (Standard) should be used continuously for 2 - 3 months. Thereafter, and to continue your internal cleanse and detox, follow-up with our Cleanse and Detox Pack.

More about gut health...

Improving digestion is arguably the cornerstone to good health, as this process is critical for efficient nutrient absorption, waste elimination, body detoxification, immunity and more.

With efficient digestion, energy levels tend to improve, the skin becomes clearer, body odour and bad breath can be reduced and the immune system can be strengthened. Symptoms of food sensitivity / food intolerance can also often be better managed.

By contrast, poor digestion can lead to a number of health complaints, including bloating, excessive flatulence, abdominal cramping and pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), 'leaky gut' and others.

The key is to work from the top down, i.e.:

STEP 1: ensure efficient digestion
STEP 2: ensure efficient nutrient absorption
STEP 3: ensure good elimination of waste matter which, if left in the body for too long (e.g. as with constipation) can lead to the re-absorption of toxins and self-poisoning.

And all of this hinges on a good diet!

The reason why the health of the digestive tract can have such a significant impact on our overall health is largely due to the fact that, along with being the entry point for nutrients, it is also:

    one of the body's detoxification systems: the health of our liver, lymphatic system and immune system are all greatly affected by the state of our intestines. The detox organs and systems work in harmony to keep our toxin levels down. If one system is placed under strain, all of the others are affected also;

    the site of the largest collection of immune cells in the body: Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT) is found in the intestines and comprises lymphocytes, macrophages, Peyer's patches and lymph nodes. GALT is considered to be the largest collection of immune cells in the body - in fact, 70% of all antibody-producing cells are located there. The GALT works hard to prevent unwanted micro-organisms (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and parasites) from entering our body.

You probably didn't know that the most important part of your immune system is in your gut!

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